Hello. I’m Yuiko, a lead product designer. I enjoy solving problems and bringing ideas to life.

I am a business strategist turned product designer.  

I began my career at SoftBank, where I drove international strategic partnerships helping startups expand their Asia market presence and corporations' digital transformation efforts. Being immersed in the business side, I became interested in understanding real user problems and incorporating customer-centricity into products which motivated my transition into product design.

This balance of business goals and user needs is a key principle of how I view good design. I aim to build products that solve pain points of a user, and also look for a solution that aligns with the business goals. I think this harmony helps create a sustainable and successful business that can provide for and delight the end users.

I am currently re-imagining travel at Agoda in Bangkok, Thailand.

My journey at Agoda started with contributing to product launches and milestones. Since then, my role has evolved to one that co-creates product strategy, shapes vision and improve our design culture.

Key highlights and contributions

Led design for post booking customer experience, supporting our customers, agents, and internal teams.

Collaborated with more than 60 stakeholders in design, product and business functions to create new products and redesigned existing tools.
Enhanced our product design process by integrating a discovery process which embedded continuous user research and co-creation workshops. Implemented UX metrics and defined product principles.

Built a team of five and provided mentorship and coaching to cultivate the team's growth.
Leading design for the Trip team that focuses on helping customers plan, book, and experience travel.

Revamped Trip team and redefined product direction in 1 quarter. Built long-term Trip vision with product and research counterparts. Coaching and mentoring a team of three.
Product designer
JUN 2021 -
Lead product designer
MAR 2023 -
Senior product designer
MAR 2022 -

My process navigates ambiguity through iteration and collaboration.

My approach is rooted in collaboration - integrating design thinking, research and cross-functional expertise to craft delightful experiences for our users. I clarify ambiguity by introducing structure to the process through project management and stakeholder management.


Research to understand and empathize with user needs and behavior

User interviews, Market data, surveys, competitor analysis, process maps, customer journey maps


Brainstorm potential solutions to the pain points identified

Brainstorming, sketching, user flows, co-creation workshops


Design the interface to visualize the solution in various fidelities

Wireframes, mockups, prototypes


Test the design and iterate based on findings

Usability testing, user interviews, UAT, A/B testing

Some highlights of previous work.

WWE Thunderdome

An award-winning, industry first virtual fan experience bringing fans back into live entertainment


US Open Virtual Entourage

Connecting players with their entourage virtually during the 2020 US Open Tennis games



A hyper local social media app that turns places into communities



A guidance app that breaks the stigma of new mom's mental health


made for more

A socially conscious online marketplace