I'm Yuiko.
I'm a UX Designer

A little about me

I’m a UX Designer with a background in strategy and tech innovation. I discovered UX in my past role at SoftBank, ideating and launching partnerships to progress business transformation. I am currently leading UX with The Famous Group and Neochrome. Executing 100+ projects with 11+ countries over the years, I now merge my strategic side with design to create meaningful solutions that are both user-centric and aligned with the business’ core values.

Growing up in Japan and America (I have moved 20+ times!), I value diversity and accessible technology. Having traveled to and lived in various countries, my inspiration comes from immersing myself in different cultures. Being curious about how other people live, and learning about their lifestyles is always a great reminder for me to be mindful of research and empathy in design.

I volunteer as the Director of Partnerships for UXPALA and also redesigning the Hack For LA website. I am a yogi, an avid traveler, and love binge watching food travel shows!